Jess Lander

Freelance writer, social media specialist, digital marketer in Napa Valley, CA. Will work for wine. 

About Jess

Freelance writer, social media specialist and digital marketer, Justice of the Peace. 

I occasionally join friends of mine in holy matrimony, but mostly, I work in the Bay Area as a freelance writer, social media manager and digital marketer for several brands and publications, varying in size and across a variety of industries. I have a degree in Journalism from Emerson College, and have been writing professionally for 6+ years. 

I've published pieces in newspapers and magazines across a wide rang of topics of topics, including sports writing—I contributed two chapters to the 2013 release of "How the Red Sox Explain New England,"—wine writing, dating/relationships, fitness, travel, lifestyle, business, satire and more. 

My social media experience started with a large fitness startup with which I managed their social media accounts totaling more than 400,000 fans/followers worldwide. During this time I also generated more than 30k leads via social media. I now develop social media strategies for mostly small brands and businesses, and also help them with the rest of their digital content needs. 


  • article and feature writing
  • content writing/editing for websites, ads, emails, newsletters, blogs, product descriptions, video scripts and more
  • press releases
  • social media management
  • email marketing
  • lead generation
  • PR outreach
  • SEO copy writing