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The Next Great Bubbly Comes From Brazil

Head to South America for world-class sparkling wine and some of the best Italian food outside of Italy. The Southern Hemisphere is world-renowned for its wines from Chile, Argentina, New Zealand, Australia, and South Africa. But Brazil—famous for Ipanema and Copacabana, not malbec and sauvignon blanc—remains a quiet underdog, despite the fact that it’s the fifth-largest wine producer in the Southern Hemisphere (ahead of New Zealand).

Heitz Cellars sale: New president outlines priorities

The sale of Heitz Cellars, announced last week, marks Gaylon Lawrence Jr’s first foray into wine, although his family has 75 years of experience in the agriculture industry. Kathleen Heitz Myers, former CEO and President of Heitz, said the family unanimously decided it was time to move on. ‘We sold to the Lawrences because we believe in family businesses and you could see the passion and vision that they had for Heitz Cellars moving forward,’ she said. Founded in 1961, Heitz is perhaps most w

10 Must-Know Facts About Brazilian Wine

When you think of Brazil, wine is probably not something that comes to mind, but the South American country best known for its sandy beaches has been, up until recently, quietly flying under the radar while producing fine wine, and lots of it. So, if you know virtually nothing about Brazilian wine, you’re not alone. That’s why we’ve rounded up the 10 most important things to know about what’s been brewing – er, fermenting – in Brazil.
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17 Over-the-Top Food and Wine Pairings in Sonoma County

Often referred to as Napa Valley’s younger sibling, Sonoma wine country is all grown up. Now with more than 400 wineries scattered throughout its world-class growing region, plus renowned restaurants like the Girl and the Fig and Michelin-starred Single Thread, Sonoma County has forged its own identity as the cooler, mellower family member, who also happens to be an easier and more scenic drive from San Francisco.
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