Sonoma travel guide: the perfect three-day itinerary

The second most renowned North American wine region, Sonoma, has long suffered the fate of being compared to the more famous wine valley that runs parallel to it: Napa. But outside of sharing a border, these two regions couldn’t be more different. Sonoma wine country is actually double the size of Napa Valley, extending far beyond the town of Sonoma to worthwhile destinations like Healdsburg and the Russian River Valley, the funky town of Sebastopol, and even the pacific ocean. Look out for Je

Pismo Beach is the unassuming wine country you've been looking for

While it doesn't get the fanfare of Sonoma and Napa Valley, the SLO Coast tucked off the famed Pacific Coast Highway is one of California’s most unique wine regions – and one well-deserving of the hype. Wine-thirsty travelers tend to turn off the Pacific Coast Highway before hitting the SLO Coast, whether to peel towards Paso Robles to the north or Santa Barbara to the south. Those who do make it can taste high-quality wine in a totally relaxed environment and without the crowds. In addition t

Scott's Cheap Flights Napa Valley Guide

Where farming traditions live on, hot springs bubble up from the ground, and the wine is bottled poetry... The most famous wine region in North America, Napa Valley produces wines that rival those from the Old World’s most revered regions—but that’s not all it has going for it. This 30-mile stretch of Northern California has also proven to be one of the most beautiful to visit, with year-round sunshine and pleasing temps.

Trading adrenaline rushes for folklore and magic at the Tennessee adventure park where wishes come true

Adrenaline pumps through my veins. I’d just conquered The Goliath at Foxfire Mountain Adventure Park in the Smoky Mountains. At 475 feet high, a half-mile long, and reaching speeds over 55 mph, The Goliath is one of the longest, highest, and fastest ziplines in the U.S.. Now, on our final zipline of the day, I catch a wave of bravery and find myself granting my guide, Tenisha Krouse, permission to flip me upside down like a trapeze artist and send me flying hundreds of feet above the ground.
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